Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirators as a Solution for Healthcare

Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirators as a Solution for Healthcare

Elastomeric half-mask respirators are tight-fitting respirators made of synthetic or rubber material and are designed to be repeatedly disinfected, cleaned, and reused.

The Advantage 900 Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirator Is Available Now!

The MSA Advantage 900 Elastomeric half-mask respirator provides healthcare professionals, essential workers and first responders a secure protection solution. The Advantage 900 is also the first elastomeric respirator to be approved with both a speaking diaphragm and no exhalation valve, thereby providing enhanced communication and filtration of exhaled breath to help achieve source control. Elastomeric respirators are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative over filtering facepiece respirators.

User Protection & Source Control with all the Benefits of Elastomeric Respirators

Source Control

Up to P2 level user protection available. The elimination of the exhalation valve provides filtration of exhaled breath.

Clear Communication

Mechanical speaking diaphragm helps clarify and amplify speech.


Designed to be repeatedly cleaned, disinfected, and placed back into service, helping to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Extended Storage Life

Respirators can be stored indefinitely for stockpile purposes. Respirator filters have a proven storage time of 10 years.

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Is your company/organization/hospital using over 400 disposable respirators per month?

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