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The G1 full face mask sets new standards for wearing and breathing comfort. Minimum pressure points can be felt on the face and various size options are available. Integration to Gallet F1XF fire helmet is made easy through helmet mounting bracket options.

Part Number

G1 PS-MaXX, Med Mask with Rubber harness (G1FP - CM1MERP)

Length: 230.000 MM (9.055 IN)
Width: 251.000 MM (9.882 IN)
Height: 136.000 MM (5.354 IN)
Weight: 0.670 KG (1.477 LB)
Color: BLACK

G1 ESA Mask with Net harness (G1FP - CM1M4CE)

Length: 184.000 MM (7.244 IN)
Width: 231.000 MM (9.094 IN)
Height: 133.000 MM (5.236 IN)
Weight: 0.690 KG (1.521 LB)
Color: BLACK
  • Wide distortion-free field of vision (more than 90% of the natural field of vision)
  • Low profile for less snagging and improved weight distribution
  • Unique airflow prevents lens fogging and reduces breathing resistance
  • Improved face seal for better fit and more comfort
  • Helmet-mask combination (HMC) allows easy fitting to Gallet F1XF without stress/pressure points on face
  • Excellent communication due to voice transmission through speech diaphragm
  • Available in 3 sizes (faceblank and nose cup)
  • Rubber harness or net harness
  • Choice of 4 demand valve connectors for AirGo/AirMaXX SCBA
  • Integrated RFID transponder for easy fleet management
  • All components easily accessible and interchangeable for easy maintenance and cleaning
Markets: Fire Service, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Search & Rescue, Firefighting
  • 1) S/M/L sizes for face blank and nose cup
  • 2) 5-point rubber or 4-point Kevlar harness + HMC (helmet-mask combination) for Gallet F1XF
  • 3) Rubber or fabric neck strap
  • 4) Lens with different materials and coatings
  • 5) Different demand valve connectors
    • PS-MaXX push to connect, for AutoMaXX-AS
    • PF screw to connect (M45x3), for AutoMaXX-AE
    • PF-ESA unified push to connect, e.g. for AutoMaXX-ESA
    • G1 push to connect with open port, for G1 Integrated SCBA System
  • 6) Filter-ready option to convert G1 PS-MaXX mask into filter device
  • 7) C1-ready option or upgrade kit for easy attachment of C1 headset

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

EN 136 CL3

EN 137 Type 2 (with SCBA and demand valve)

DIN 58610 (HMC)