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left/RIGHT™ Wireless World Headband Headset

left/RIGHT Wireless World bring wireless communication into MSA's signature hearing protection products.

With advanced Bluetooth connectivity, taking a call or listening to streaming music has never been safer.

The high comfort and hearing protection level makes the left/RIGHT Wireless World the safest connection to the world...!

  • Left/RIGHT ergonomic design for optimal wearing position and comfort
  • Bluetooth wireless capability to connect mobile phones, mobile devices
  • Flexible Noise cancelling microphone with parking position
  • Multi-lingual messaging (23 languages) to navigate through the menu seamlessly
  • Volume adjustment with safety limitation of maximal volume below harmful thresholds
  • Priority management to incoming calls
  • Dual version available with FM radio and level dependent surrounding sound restitution (Cut-off)
  • Headband / Helmet mounted version available

Markets: Contractor, Industrial, Utilities
Applications: Food Processes, Painting, Sanding & Grinding

  • FM Radio with automatic research of stations
  • Level dependent surrounding sound restitution with Cut-off function


Headband ear muffs, left/RIGHT Wireless World


Headband ear muffs, left/RIGHT Wireless World Dual

EN352-1 / EN352-3
EN352-4 (Dual Version)

ANSI S3.19-1974

CE Certificates