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Head and Face Protection for Electrical Workers

For electrical workers MSA developed helmets, visors and accessories to protect against arc flashes and ensure insulation when in contact with live wires.

To see all electrician helmet and arc flash visor options and details please consult the leaflet "Head & Face Protection for Electrical Workers". Herewith 2 ready-to-go Sets are shown=

Electrician Kit Basic EN 166

  • Components are pre boxed.
  • Ideal for applications with limited arc flash risks.
  • Helmet, V-Gard white with Push-Key suspension, PVC sweatband (EN 397 440 V AC and EN 50365)
  • V-Gard frame (EN 166: 389 BT)
  • Electrician visor basic - V-Gard sheet visor, 203x432x1,5mm (EN 166 2C-1,2 1B 389)

Electrician Kit Premium EN166 & GS-ET-29 class 2 (7 kA)

  • Probably the most compact arc flash set GS-ET-29 class 2 available today!
  • Components are pre boxed. Ideal set for applications requiring arc flash protection, especially in confined spaces.
  • Helmet, V-Gard 520 white with Fas-Trac III ratchet suspension, replaceable foam sweatband (EN 397 440 V AC and EN 50365, Part of visor testing GS-ET-29 Class 2)
  • V-Gard frame (EN 166: 389 BT; Part of visor testing GS-ET-29 Class 2)
  • Electrician visor Premium - V-Gard arc flash visor compatible with earmuffs, retractable chin guard (EN166 & GS-ET-29 Class 2, EN166 2C-1.2 1 B 8 - 2 - 0 3)

Markets: Contractor, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Asbestos Abatement, Food Processes, Painting

Basic Electrician Kit

  • Electrician Helmet Premium V-Gard 500 white with Fas-Trac= EN 397 440 V AC and EN 50365 certified
  • Standard V-Gard frame= EN 166: 389 BT
  • Electrician Visor V-Gard sheet visor= EN 166 2C-1,2 1B 389

All = Antistatic tested for ATEX environments

  • ELECTROSTATIC-INERIS certification letter