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Restraint Lanyards

A fall restraint lanyard connection is used between the anchor point and the body harness to prevent the user from reaching the fall area and work positioning applications. MSA restraint lanyards are available in web and kernmantel rope.

Webbing Lanyard

  • 44 mm wide polyester webbing, 1.5m
  • The loops at the ends are protected by an abrasion resistant covering
  • Steel screwgate carabiner on both sides.

Kernmantle Rope Lanyard

  • 11mm Polyamide rope, 1.8m 
  • The rope features a coloured tracer strand which loses its colour in due course of time to show that the lanyard is now unfit for further use
  • Steel twist lock carabiners on both side

Work Positioning Lanyard

  • 12mm Kernmantle rope
  • A 30cm long protective covering sleeve
  • A light weight Aluminium rope-grab adjuster
  • Alu twist lock carabiners
  •  Maximum length is 2.0m

Markets: Contractor, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Working at Heights

Restraint lanyard, webbing, 1.5m fixed length, steel screwgate carabiners


Restraint lanyard, kernmantel rope, 1.8m fixed length, steel twist lock carabiners


Work Positioning Lanyard with Aluminium rope-grab adjuster, Alu twist lock carabiners, a 30cm long protective covering sleeve